Battlefield Vegas is among the leading-rated outdoor shooting range las Vegas. It is certified with
prestigious Certificate of Excellence by the National Shooting Sports Association (NSSAA). The
reason why it is given the grade of “C” is because of its many sportsman-like services it bestows
upon the customers. The service offers the users with a chance to test the skills and abilities of
their marksmanship by letting them practice shooting at close range with actual ammunition. The
range also provides free technical support and gun rentals. There are various other advantages
offered to the users by this outdoor range.
The state of the art Holographic sight allows the shooters to focus on specific targets and
improve their aim considerably. The holographic sight can be adjusted to help the individual see
what they are aiming at through the eye-sight and will not disturb or distract them when the time
comes for the actual shooting session. The holographic range makes sure that the shooter has
all the elements surrounding him/her to focus on, thereby allowing the individual to concentrate
on the target and help them achieve their success.
Another exciting offer provided by the gun ranges in Las Vegas is the Gold Package. The Gold
Package is considered to be a value for money by those who would want to enjoy shooting
activities in a safe and secure environment. It allows the individual to buy not only the
Holographic Sight but also other accessories and gears required for the type of shooting. The
user of this facility can enjoy their shooting experience without having to worry about buying the
accessories individually. However, for the person who wants to try out the facility before buying
the gun, a free trial pack is also provided by the companies.
To make the best use of the facilities provided by the Las Vegas gun ranges, people need to
understand their proper functioning and select the right gun for the requirements. For instance,
the high velocity paintball guns are quite suitable for those who wish to carry out target practice
and in some cases, training sessions. The use of airsoft guns during an outdoor activity is also
popular due to the replicas being durable and having the ability to shoot many shots in a row
without any jamming or mechanical problems. However, the availability of various types of
ammunition makes it necessary for one to learn more about the features of each weapon and
then decide upon the right type of gun to buy for their use.
For the more experienced users, there is the opportunity to enjoy the Gold Package. This is
offered by the Hooters Hotel and is aimed at helping the people improve their skills and
knowledge about the various types of weaponry. For people who do not wish to purchase
anything from the Las Vegas gun ranges, the Hoover Dam city package is also available. To get
started with the weapons training, the required number of passes are valid for one year and is
inclusive of all types of ammunition. The course involves the use of a machine gun and for
individuals, who have passed the test, the machine gun shooting adventure starts here.
Another option is the hire of a guide who comes to you and helps you learn more about the
usage of different kinds of weapons and the necessary safety measures to be taken in order to
hold them. The guided tours usually cover different ranges including rifles and pistols. One also
has the option of hiring a rifleman who can guide the group through the various aspects ofshooting safely. A lot of people prefer to hire a guide for the reason that they are not familiar with
the environment and do not know what to look out for. Hiring a guide ensures that the group is
safe and sound while enjoying their vacation

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