Some basic horse riding tips for beginners

If you like horse riding, this isn’t an amateur sport rather a very disciplined one. For this it is better to engage with a professional trainer who lets you know all the rules to be followed in proper horse riding. This isn’t as simple as going to a stable and to begin with your horse riding ventures. Here in this article we are going to share some of the very basic horse riding tips that would let you know the basics of how to properly ride a horse.

Sit on the horse pretty nice and tall in such a position that your body must not be stiff rather it should be a bit soft through your back. Your body must not be bent front words or backwards. There should be a nice straight line through your head, to the shoulder, to the hip up to your heel. Also make sure that you are exerting equally balanced weight on both sides as leaning on one side would just make the horse uncomfortable and you as well. Tipping off to one side would just ruin the weight balance which is never a good sign for a good ride. Holding the reign properly is also an essential part as if you firmly push the reins this would allow the horse to keep running and wouldn’t stop on your command as the reign is his command through which you will communicate your messages to a well-trained horse. Again make a straight line through to the hand, reign and to the horse’s mouth. This would be the most appropriate position that would allow you to command the horse the way you want to.

If you sit nicely and softly on the horse this would encourage him or her to move properly but if you are in imbalanced position, this would discourage him to carry your body weight. Sitting properly on the horse would send a kind of signal to the horse that as if something is going to happen. The horse will just get in a ready position and will be looking for your command to follow. When you are willing to make your horse move, for this you can gently nudge him or squeeze a little bit to convey your message. This signal may vary according to the basic training of the horse. As different horses may react to different signals in a different manner, or the way they were trained. In all outdoor sports where horses are use, usually a slight nudge is used as a signal to make him move. While moving along the horse, allow your hips to swing and move right in rhythm to the horse’s movement. If you stay stiff and firm the horse will literally not move taking it as a gesture to stay static. Stay relaxed and go with the movements of the horse all the time.

Horse riding is considered among healthy activities and apart from this, it allows you to learn many of the martial traits that bring a kind of discipline in your life.