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Indubitably, Africa has long been a fascinating destination for travellers from all over the world, with its exotic wildlife, diverse civilisations, and vast expanses. To give you an idea of why this is the best option for practically every nature enthusiast looking to expand their knowledge, we’ve compiled a list of five reasons for you below to know the importance of a field guide course.

Having a good educational experience that includes an official qualification

Those who want to become a field guide in Africa may look forward to exceptional additional education amid spectacular landscapes, including the opportunity to get an official certificate, depending on the course.

Every day, you will learn more about the different ecosystems, the necessity of conservation management, and the species-rich flora and wildlife while staying in a camp surrounded by the unique African wilderness.

You will be exposed to crucial safety regulations with the other students during practical and theoretical lessons. Also, you will get a fundamental understanding of surviving in the wilderness, and you will be given deeper knowledge in areas such as ecology, tracking, geology, tracing and wildlife.

Moreover, they will learn how to operate an all-terrain vehicle on off-road adventures in the wilderness and securely handle a gun.

field guide course

Creating Your Personality

In Africa, game ranger training includes the hands-on abilities and learning of professional information, as well as the further development of one’s personality.

You will be living in the middle of nowhere with a gang of strangers. Every day, you embark on an adventure into unfamiliar terrain and confront routine test circumstances. This forces you to discover what you are capable of and venture outside of your comfort zone.

Meticulously, living among a diverse group of individuals worldwide improves patience, tolerance, adaptability, and team spirit. You will increase your foreign language abilities as well as your intercultural skills.

Returning to the origins.

If you decide to attend a field guide training in Africa, you choose a life away from civilisation and thus away from a ringing phone and an overflowing mailbox.

Instead of being directed by text messages, phone calls or e-mails, you now live by nature’s rhythm. The sun serves as your light source, while the bush drum serves as your alarm clock.

Those who live and work in the bush are directed by nature, which may be stubborn at times, demands a lot of patience, and is constantly surprising. Besides finding your way to nature, you become a part of it, and this is exactly what you will learn in the field guide course.

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