Numerous divers choose to go without a snorkel on their dives as it becomes a useless appendage under the surface. However, it’s a good tool for those who must hang out at the surface for a while before climbing down. It can save valuable air for the genuine freediving tours. Spear fishermen count on snorkels to allow them to keep their encounters submerged as they check the bottom for potential prey.

Depending on the activity, some snorkels are better and more comfortable than others. Both main types for the freediving sydney are flexible and repaired tube snorkels. Other features are fairly standard, like bottom purge valves and splash guards at the top.

Adaptable Tube Snorkels

This sort of snorkels has a bendable area on the lower part of the tube where it curves to fit into the diver’s oral cavity. Models with this adaptable area appear completely straight when not in use. An individual simply bends the mouth piece towards his or her face and holds it in place with the teeth.

While submerged on scuba gear for the freediving tours, this design is way better because it drops away from the diver’s face much more easily when compared to a solid tube snorkeling. It shouldn’t get hung upward on the regulator or the wetsuit. The reliable tube ones also are likely to get in the way when the diver turns his head to whichever side he is using the snorkel. Flexible models are better for diving divers than free divers because they are not always deploying it.

Solid Tube Snorkels

Solid models for the freediving sydney are completely rigid from the bottom to the very surface of the snorkel. They have no flexible areas at all. This type is usually recommended for free divers and those who spear fish without a tank and limiter. This demographic of divers usually keeps the snorkeling in his mouth almost all the time. Likewise, he is spending nearly all of his time at the surface, during which time he could be scanning the bottom for fish or other creatures.

A great snorkel for the freediving tours will retain its shape. This is the main reason that they are ideal for divers.  Flexible snorkels these days can put pressure on the diver’s mouth because they tend to conform to their original form which is strait. Solid snorkels, on the contrary, don’t have this issue; therefore these are better for long duration use.

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