Hunting safaris in South Africa

Hunting safaris in South Africa is a good way to enjoy this festive season, as you will see various exotic wild animal species. Tourists purchase a reasonable package to participate in this unnerving yet amusing adventure. However, ensure you visit a hospital for immunization against several local diseases before your hunting adventure.

Where Do Tourists Go for Hunting Safaris in South Africa?

A tourist must visit the following places for a momentous African hunting safari.

1. Baviaanskloof Conservancy

Tourists visit this large conservancy with an estimated land size of over 400,000 acres to hunt small wild animals. Travelers can accompany licensed farmers to hunt down herbivores, such as impala, deer, and antelopes.

2. Umkomaas Valley

Many tourists purchase packages to participate in a hunting adventure in this big and highly guarded conservancy. Interestingly, this South African conservancy is home to several horned wild animals, like kudus.

3. Stormberg Mountain

Local and international travelers can get a package to participate in bird hunting in these plains. Additionally, tourists can witness these professionals while they hunt down porcupines, hares, and jackals at night.

Why Does the Government Allow Hunting Safaris in South Africa?

Wildlife conservationists fight against these safaris, as they don’t understand the benefits they guarantee. These include:

1. To protect South Africans

The government licensed a few people to do African hunting safari to regulate the number of wild animals. When this population increases, it can strain available pasture, resulting in human-wildlife conflicts.

2. To provide employment

Permitted farmers participate in this economic activity to generate income from selling game meat to tourists. Similarly, foreign tourists pay a fee to accompany these farmers when going to hunt particular wild animals like antelopes.

3. To help conservancies raise money

The wildlife conservancies need money to pay the rangers, hotel attendants, and security officers. Therefore, the government allows these safaris to enable them to raise revenue to pay their bills.

4. To boost tourism

A few international tourists visit South Africa for a free-range hunting experience with a hunter. These safaris help them appreciate the environment and know about new wildlife species they didn’t know existed.

Another common benefit is to control pasture to reduce the risk of death of predators and prey.


Tourists should know that the hunters are professional and can protect them during hunting safaris in South Africa. Many certified ethical hunters carry guns to ensure the adventure is fun and to scare away dangerous animals like the big cats.

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