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When it comes to playing billiards at a professional level, the pool cue is the single most important piece of equipment. The pool cue you use ought to be an extension of the skill you bring to the table.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to have a good pool cue. However, because there are so many different brands, styles, lengths, tips, variations, and price disparities, it is impossible to choose between all of these options.

Aspects To Consider When Choosing Pool Cue

  • Check to see that the tip is securely fastened to the end of the cue and that there are no cracks in either the rod or the cue wood.
  • Examine the point to ensure that it has not become brittle and glazed over the surface. If this is the case, the cue won’t be able to hold chalk, and the tip won’t be able to grip the cue ball appropriately (especially with off-center smashes, whether they were deliberate or not), which will lead to a significant number of missed shots.
  • Ensure that the cue is aligned correctly and is level. You may verify this by rolling the cue on the table in either a level position (or at an angle with the center of the cue and the cushion), making sure that it does not wobble an excessive amount.
  • Opt for a cue weight that allows you to play with the least amount of strain.

pool cue

It is preferable to buy pool cues online that will offer you consistency in your performance. When shopping for a cue, it is important to look for one that meets the following criteria:

  • An ideal, traditional, and highly recommended wait for you, in particular one that includes a break cue.
  • The degree of CB deflection that is to your liking. Even though it is possible to learn how to aim when using the slide pin with any cue, using an LD shaft can offer a few advantages over the other options.
  • A degree of stiffness, rigidity, and tip hardness that corresponds to the “feel and hit” that you desire.
  • A sense of equilibrium that works for you personally
  • A length or extensions (joint or butt) that are suitable for your height (this is especially important if you are really tall or if you are “vertically challenged”).
  • If you are using a break cue, it is important to have a natural pivot length that matches your preferred bridge length.


If you’re new to pool and are thinking about purchasing a pool cue, here are some things to consider. Professional players understand the importance of having the appropriate cue, thus following the provided information will help you choose the right cue for yourself.

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