Nature play workshop provides the children with the opportunity to indulge in unstructured play activities in an outdoor environment. The natural environment has natural elements like water and rocks instead of manufactured playgrounds. According to the Children’s Services Regulations, 2009 Regulation 97(1)(b), nature play workshops should be equipped with features that enable children to get exposed to the natural environment.

What Does the Natural Environment Entail?

  • Digging patches where children are capable of using garden equipment
  • Sandpits for symbolic, sensory, and physical play
  • Range of planting to encourage a variety of playing modes like playing with small branches, gum nuts, bark, flowers, and stones
  • Trees provide protection against the harsh UV rays from the sun
  • Plants for picking and exploiting the scent sense
  • Water areas for sensory plays
  • Plants that encourage birds, and insect-like butterfly
  • Garden that children can use to grow their plants
  • Small pits of gravel, Peebles, smooth river rocks, and coarse sand for imaginative play and fine motor
  • Compost areas and worm farms for environmental education

Reasons for Nature Play Workshop

The natural environment and outdoor spaces benefit children in several ways. It helps these toddlers enhance their abilities in terms of creativity, problem-solving, intellectual development, and symbolic play. There are also tons of physical development associated with exposing children to nature play areas. For one, it improves motor skills as well as eye-hand coordination.

Exploit All the Senses.

When children interact with the natural environment, their sensory simulation will enable them to use all the senses, including hearing, touching, seeing, and smelling. Generally, physical activities benefit children in several aspects. According to research conducted by Munoz, the time spent on outdoor activity is relatively proportional to overall well-being.

Boost Concentration.

It’s also proven that playing outdoors boosts the ability of children to focus and concentrate on things that matter. Whenever they play outdoors, they’ll interact with nature’s gifts, thus jogging their memory, and after such an event, they’ll be able to think clearly and have a high concentration on their activities.

Appreciate the Gifts of Nature.

There is no better lesson than training children to care for nature while they are still young. As they sit under the shade provided by the tree, they can understand the significance of trees in our society. Even the smaller insects that pollinate the flowers are enough lessons to explain their contribution to the natural order. 


Maintaining a proper nature play area requires a nature play workshop where you train how to engineer engaging outdoor games for kids. Talk to us, and we’ll help you make your nature play area great.

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